Product Matrix

Alpha : AM4Exx (Dual Tone + 1ch Voice), AM4Fxx (8ch Melody), AM4Gxx (1ch Voice), AM4Hxx (2ch Melody), AM4Kxx (Dual Tone + 1ch Voice + ADC), AM5xx (1ch Voice, Low Voltage), AM8xx (Control IC), AM9xx (Low Cost Table Speech IC)


Tritan :TRS3Axx / TRS4Axx (4ch Melody / Voice), 16bit OTP DSP, 16bit Flash DSP


NY Quest: NY4 series (1ch Voice / Melody), NY5 series (4ch Voice / Melody), NY7 series (8ch Voice / Melody), NX1 32bit IC, all with OTP support


Generalplus:GPC1/3/9x, GPCExx, GPLxx, GPLBxx, GPM6Pxx, GPUSBxx, GPL16xx, GPL32xx, SPMFxx, GPDVxx, GPRxx (From simple Voice, 4~16ch Melody, LCD IC up to 4,096 dots, USB IC, up to 16bit IC / 32bit ARM IC)


Sonix: SNC8Pxx (OTP for General Control Purpose), SNC26xx (1ch Voice), SNC36xx (4ch Voice), SNC7232, SNC7300, OID Pen solution, etc.


Memory: SPI Flash, Nor Flash and Nand Flash from MXIC, Winbond and Gigadevice.


We can provide the lowest cost solution according to customers’ specification, and provide one-stop solution for all of the development needs.